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Top 5 Advantages of Living in Charlotte, NC

Top 5 Advantages of Living in Charlotte, NC

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Sometimes, you can move anywhere you want. Other times, you’re bound to a job or another responsibility that dictates where you can reside. Either way, a critical question to consider when moving anywhere is, “What makes that place special?” Just because you need to move to a certain location doesn’t mean that place doesn’t have great hidden gems to discover.

For instance, what makes Charlotte, NC more welcoming than other areas nearby? If you’re moving to the titular state or considering it, you can use this guide to learn the top advantages of living in Charlotte, NC. From shops to trails, you’ll find out what makes Charlotte a place worth calling home, whether for a year, a few years, or a lifetime.

No Shortage of Shops

Shopping is a great vacation activity, but your home should have plenty of stores to visit too. Good shopping is important in any area because it can be both functional and fun. By functional, we mean shopping for your personal needs, such as groceries. From Trader Joe’s to ALDI, you won’t struggle to find food and necessities for your home. Stocking up on all your favorites in the pantry or the fridge is an easy and excellent way to make your new place feel like home. However, Charlotte has plenty of recreational shopping too.

Many local shops carry beauty supplies and household items to ensure your experience outside of your home is as accommodating as the home itself. For instance, the local Casa Blanca Nail Bar is right by the Publix Super Market—you can mix functional and fun in one afternoon without having to drive all over town.

Don’t hesitate to explore the long list of shops and service providers in the area to see if the local options will improve your stay in Charlotte. Moving to a new area only to discover that it doesn’t have any of the shops you visit is frustrating, but some cities are more accommodating than others. Now, let’s address another amenity that will improve your stay—great dining.

Eclectic Dining

Restaurants are essential in any community because when you want to go out for a meal, it helps to have reliable options mixed with diverse ones you’ve yet to try. Thankfully, Charlotte has a wide range of restaurants for times when you don’t feel like cooking at home.

Of course, iconic fast-food chains are also available in the area, including Jersey Mike’s Subs and Pizza Hut. Beyond these long-time favorites, you can find more fun dining options that fit specific tastes like BBQ or Japanese. Fast food isn’t your only option when living in Charlotte.

Of course, iconic fast-food chains are also available in the area, including Jersey Mike’s Subs and Pizza Hut. Beyond these long-time favorites, you can find more fun dining options that fit specific tastes like BBQ or Japanese. Fast food isn’t your only option when living in Charlotte.

Extensive Entertainment Venues

An additional advantage of living in Charlotte, NC is the local entertainment options, which certainly vary city by city throughout the country. When you’re living in Charlotte, you have several ways to escape without leaving the city limits.

For instance, while living in our luxury apartments in Charlotte, NC, you can visit various movie theaters in the area to see the latest release, including a local IMAX. As nice as your home may be, having entertainment options to escape to can help you achieve a healthy work/life balance, especially if you work from home. Whether you’re seeing a movie with the family or for a date night, you won’t have to look far for screening opportunities.

Additional entertainment options include escape rooms and bowling alleys; theaters are fun but seeing a movie isn’t the only thing to do in Charlotte. You can also browse the local museums for unique educational experiences, like the NASCAR Hall of Fame and Discovery Place Science. In fact, Discovery Place Science is where the IMAX theater resides. Now that you’re privy to great indoor entertainment options, we can discuss the stunning outdoor entertainment too.

A Hiker’s Heaven

Another benefit of living in Charlotte is that you can venture just a little outside the city to find diverse and beautiful hiking trails. These parks aren’t in the city, but don’t worry, you don’t have to drive very far to find a great trail to traverse near Charlotte.

Lake Norman State Park, Morrow Mountain State Park, and Crowders Mountain State Park are just a few of the hiking areas you can visit when living in the area. Maybe you want to take some guests on a great local adventure or enjoy a lovely hike in the outdoors. Either way, you will find an area capable of meeting your hiking needs and delivering truly gorgeous scenery.

Education Opportunities

Finally, a key benefit of living in Charlotte is the education available for all ages. With so many wonderful options, you or your family can quickly find a suitable school upon arrival. After all, it’s hard to call a place accommodating if you can’t find a school for your kids. For instance, the local Covian Community School offers a wide range of education opportunities, including middle school and high school.

If you’re looking for college courses, you might consider UNC Charlotte or Queens University of Charlotte. If you weren’t familiar with Charlotte before this guide, you should have a much clearer picture of what to expect when moving into your new city.

If you are currently living in the area, then hopefully, this guide showcases the hidden gems sitting all around you. Now, whenever you have someone visit from out of town, you have a lengthy list of excellent hotspots worth bringing them to so you can show them what makes Charlotte special.

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